What is Torrefaction?

Plugging into the massive potential of biomass.

Torrefaction is thermal treatment of biomass in an environment with low oxygen content.

Although the process is similar to charcoal production, it takes place in a much lower temperature environment that requires less exotic and less expensive materials, which results in biofuels with more favorable combustion properties, better mechanical and storage properties, and higher energy density.

Torrefied biomass especially after it has been pelletized has similar properties as coal and is the ideal fuel to replace non-renewable coal resources for use in existing coal processing plants and facilities, like power plants without expensive capex upgrades required for white wood pellets. Our CEG Technology can operate across torrefaction and up to pyrolysis temperatures, so a wide range of fuel and other thermally treated biomass products can be processed.

Key Pellet Information

Pellet technology proven at 6mm
Extremely grindable
High energy value
Water resistant
Durable pellets with choice of performance