CEG’s patent-protected system of High Temperature Torrefaction (HTT) makes renewable carbon possible. HTT Technology is a plug-and-play, scalable solution for companies, developers and producers that want to make renewable carbon.

The HTT Reactor

CEG created the High Temperature Torrefaction (HTT) Reactor to make renewable carbon possible. The HTT Reactor is at the heart of a safe and reliable system that is easy to scale.

CEG has partnered with Carrier Vibrating Systems to manufacture the reactor, taking advantage of the company’s seventy plus years of experience to support an excellent product and service capability.

Combined with a custom designed CEG control system, the HTT reactor is able to manage a high temperature thermal process that can dial in a range of parameters to produce products along the carbon purity scale.

The HTT Reactor is the subject of five approved patents and a series of additional pending patents.

✓   Simple and safe

✓  Modular and scalable

✓   Continuous operation

✓   Flexible feedstocks

✓  Dialed-in product outputs

The process

The HTT Production Line utilizes proven standard equipment controlled by a proprietary Process Logic Control (PLC) System that carefully calibrates the temperature at each stage of the process.

The HTT Reactor can make a variety of carbon-based products from a variety of organic inputs, via a safe and efficient carbonization process.

HTT Production Lines are modular such that lines may be placed next to each other to reach the desired production capacity. This modular technical design allows for flexibility in the production design as well as the capability to expand over time.

Tour of our Torrefaction Plant in Derby

Are you curious about our Torrefaction Plant in Derby? This virtual tour with measuring tool already gives a good overview.

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