CEG’s technology can produce a range of renewable carbon products for different applications. Renewable carbon products replace fossil fuel derived carbon in any application.

More about our products

CEG’s renewable carbon products are classified according to their carbon purity and energy content. Renewable carbon can substitute for a variety of fossil fuel derived carbon forms including coal, charcoal, anthracite, and coke. It can also be used in a chemical process to make activated carbon.

Renewable carbon can be made in different forms:

  • Pellets
  • Chips
  • Grinds
  • Milled Dust
  • Liquid

*Choice of product form is based upon application requirements, including the need for transport, storage, and water resistance.

Torrefaction transforms organic waste into a denser form of renewable carbon that has more energy than wood pellets made from the same feedstocks.

Our products


Lowest cost, grindable, hydrophobic so it can be stored outside, and appropriate for utility and industrial scale energy.


A pure substitute for carbon derived from fossil fuels, hydrophobic, high fixed carbon, appropriate for utility and industrial scale energy or in the production of materials.


A purer form of renewable carbon (sometimes known as biochar) that can be used as an animal feed additive or to replenish and stabilize soils for agriculture and landscaping. Certified by the UK Organic Soil Association.


Highest in carbon and energy density, can be used to replace coke in steel production and other applications.

Activated Black

CEG’s renewable carbon could be activated by partners through chemical or steam processes for increased porosity and surface area making it a viable renewable substitute for water filtration, and potentially for uses in health care, beauty products and additional applications.

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