News, 28-10-2019

CEG and TSE trial 1,000 tonnes of Renewable Black Pellets at TSE’s Naantali power station in Finland

CEG and Turun Seudun Energiantuotanto Oy (TSE) are pleased to announce the successful logistics, handling and combustion trial of over 1,000 tonnes of CEG Renewable Black Pellets at TSE’s coal-fired power unit Na2 in Naantali power plant, Finland. The pellets, produced from organic waste streams, served as a drop-in substitute for fossil coal in the co-firing trial.

CEG Renewable Black Pellets were produced at CEG’s High Temperature Torrefaction facility
in Derby, UK, and transported by ship to Naantali, Finland. In Naantali, the pellets were stored
outdoors, in the power station’s existing coal yard, uncovered and exposed to rain and normal
autumn weather conditions. The pellets were then conveyed, using legacy coal conveyors, to
the unit Na2 power block’s coal silos and mills, and ultimately the coal-fired boiler unit Na2.
During the trial, TSE employed the plant’s existing infrastructure designed for fossil coal; the
equipment was not modified for organic waste.

More than 1,000 tonnes of CEG Renewable Black Pellets stored outdoors awaiting the combustion trial

The objectives for the trial were to evaluate replacement of fossil coal with torrefied pellets,demonstrate that the fuel switch from fossil to renewable can occur without significant investment at the power station, and prove that CEG pellets can withstand outdoor storage for a certain time, in a similar manner to fossil coal.

CEG Renewable Black Pellets were high-energy and demonstrated hydrophobic behaviour, standard coal handling, efficient combustion and good grindability. TSE is further evaluating the detailed technical performance of the pellets, as the basis for a fuel replacement decision. The trial occurred in Naantali between September 23rd and 27th, 2019.

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TSE will comment the trial separately at later phase.