Our Unique Torrefaction Process

CEG's unique torrefaction process converts biomass into bio coal, bio char, or activated carbon utilizing our proprietary torrefaction reactor. Bio coal can then be converted into clean Green Electricity in conventional power generation facilities. Bio char can be utilized for agriculture and activated carbon for medical, water filtration, and other purposes. The additional benefit of the CEG torrefaction process is the output of syngas which can be utilized in our syngas generators to directly generate Green Electricity.

What's Included

  • Proprietary Reactor
  • Syngas Cleaning System
  • Syngas Generator
  • All Connecting Pipework
  • Vibration Compensators
  • Rotary Airlocks
  • All Motor Controllers
  • Master Control System
  • All Input Connectors
  • Engineers for inspection during construction
  • Engineers for two weeks during commissioning


What's not included:

Biomass, biomass storage bins, electric transformer and grid connection, civil engineering, or your facility's structure.

The CEG Torrefaction Production Line

The main components of the CEG torrefaction production line are: CEG’s proprietary torrefaction reactor, syngas cleaning equipment (wet scrubbing) and commercial gas engines. Syngas derived from the biomass is used to power the gas engines producing renewable electricity. Subsequent to power generation, the hot engine exhaust is then used to heat the torrefaction reactor and supplement the biomass material drying.


Proprietary Reactors

The CEG proprietary reactors utilize vibratory conveying technology to move material within the sealed reactor. Each reactor is coupled to a bespoke syngas cleaning system for the removal of tars and connected to a gas engine resulting in a robust production line. Capex is expected to be comparable to or less than the Capex of conventional biomass power generating facilities on a €/watt basis.


Projected System Output (Per System Line)

  • Green Electricity: 1.1 MWe (per module)
  • 2 Metric Tons of Bio Coal (per module, per hour)
  • CEG Systems can be purchased for facilities ranging from 15,000 to over 200,000 metric tons of bio coal product(s) per year

Torrefaction Reactor System Gallery

Our Proprietary Torrefaction Reactor System

Inquire About a CEG Torrefaction System

Reach out for a discussion about or torrefaction production line systems, or schedule an appointment to visit our facility.

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