"Our mission is to reduce the cost of energy by developing unique approaches to new sustainable technologies."

— Roger Berry


The Company

Creating and Realizing Sustainable Energy Solutions


CEG is an energy innovation company. Today, we create and realize sustainable energy solutions through biomass conversion by torrefaction. Simply put, we use sustainable resources to replace non-sustainable and expensive resources, that are cleaner and less harmful to the planet and us.


Our Primary Focus:


  • Developing proprietary sustainable energy technologies
  • Implementing our technologies into renewable energy production plants
  • Licensing our technologies to third parties
  • On-going development of state-of-the-art torrefaction technology


Our proprietary torrefaction reactor converts biomass into bio carbon products like bio coal for conventional power and heating plants, bio char for agricultural purposes, and activated carbon for the water purification industry. Our unique process simultaneously generates green electricity. The electricity and bio carbon products will be produced with no net energy imported from non-renewable systems, which is an important factor for qualification for abundant subsidy programs. Learn more about our technology here.


CEG is a joint venture company with leading financial partners Momentum Capital located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (holding 83.33 % of the shares) and Transformative Energy and Materials Capital (TEM Capital) located in Boston, USA (holding 16.67% of the shares). Learn more about our investment partners here.


CEG UK Ltd., is a subsidiary of CEG BV, and is operating the full scale demonstration plant located in Derby, England. The plant uses the CEG proprietary torrefaction technology to convert the bio mass into green electricity and clean carbon products. Both the electricity and the carbon products will be for sale in limited quantities from the Derby plant.

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